K-12 Technology and Innovation Leader


In 1992 I began my teaching career in a grades 3-6 self-contained behavior disorder classroom. I learned very quickly that in order to connect to a student's mind, you must first connect with his or her heart. It was the most challenging and rewarding year all wrapped into one. I went on to teach  Title 1 Math, 4th, 1st, and 2nd grades.


After 10 years of teaching, I traded my school bag for a diaper bag and stayed home with my 4 young boys. Loved being home! Not long after, the first Apple Store in Iowa opened just a mile from my house. A fun part time job quickly turned into a full time job as a Lead Creative, teaching adults how to use their Mac & all its creativity software. I worked the first iPhone launch and witnessed how touch screen technology and mobile apps began changing people's lives. I couldn't help but wonder how this could impact education. 

In 2010 I went back to teaching as a K-5 technology teacher. A little video inspired me to teach coding to my students. As a result, my students were problem-solving, collaborating, communicating, using creativity and building persistence. They were coding at home and began making their own programs. 

In my role as a K-12 Technology and Innovation Leader, I love helping teachers find ways to elevate the learning in their classrooms. Technology truly can create transformational experiences both for our students and for us as educators. 

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