Students get excited to choose from Seesaw's creative tools. They express themselves, reflect on their learning and create a portfolio they're proud to show others. You can browse thousands of great activities ready to use or modify for your classroom. Collect student responses digitally and lug home fewer papers. Seesaw helps you see and hear what students know so you can better understand their progress and give more differentiated instruction. Older students can connect files from their Google Drive. Families are connected to their child's classroom. This is a MUST have K-12 cross platform app!


With Google’s quiz feature you can  create a quiz in Forms, include images and videos if you'd like, and indicate the correct answer for each item. When students take the quiz, Forms will automatically grade every response that has a correct answer identified. If you assign essay questions or open-ended questions, you can go into the student results page and manually grade those. You can set options for students to see their score immediately, or even add automatic feedback so a student can learn why a response was incorrect.


This tool is fantastic for learning and reviewing content. There are multiple ways that students can practice. My favorite is the Live Mode - students work as a team and compete against other teams to correctly answer the questions. There is a huge library of content available for teachers to use or modify for their classrooms. Quizlet Learn app also allows students to study content. Your students will love Quizlet!


Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform where teachers display questions on a screen, then students log into the game with their own devices (or in teams) and answer. In addition to making your own games, you can explore a library of public Kahoots. There is also the option to assign Kahoot Challenges to your students as homework. Using the app, students are given a code and they can play a “challenge” on their own while getting instant feedback. These are linked to teacher accounts so you can see how students are doing.