I love a great picture book for teaching tough concepts to young students! Sometimes a favorite character or a colorful illustration is just better for explaining something. Sharing a picture book with students can help to teach coding concepts in a quick and engaging way. These books highlight key technology concepts, while demonstrating they can be applied to other learning areas and everyday life. These are some of my favorite titles. Links are provided to Amazon solely for convenience. 

If I Were a Wizard

Concepts: loops, sequence, algorithm, variable, conditional, function, debugging, patterns ***This book was written by my friend Paul Hamilton!

Grades 1-5

Hello Ruby: Expedition to the Internet

Concepts: websites & apps, browsers, clients, router, bandwidth, IP address, httpISP, servers, malware, network

Grades 1-5

The Berenstain Bears' Computer Trouble

Concepts: Responsible technology use, social media, online shopping, screentime, safety, moderation of technology use, family internet rules

Grades K-2

If You Give a Mouse an iPhone

Concepts: Responsible technology use, time limits, cause & effect of technology use

Grades K-2

What I Can Learn from the Incredible and Fantastic Life of Steve Jobs

Concepts: Picture book biography details how Steve Jobs used his vision, design, creativity and leadership skills throughout his lifetime. Encourages students to use their own positive attributes to change the world.

Grades 2-5

How to Code a Sandcastle

Concepts: code, sequence, loop, conditional, decomposition

Grades 1-4

Hello Ruby: Journey Inside the Computer

Concepts: RAM, ROM, Logic Gates, CPU, mouse, bit, boolean, data, bit, hardware, motherboard, operating system, input, output, software

Grades 1-5

Goodnight iPad

Concepts: Responsible technology use, reminder to power down, moderation of technology use

Grades K-2

Chicken Clicking

Concepts: browse, software, chatting, online shopping, internet safety

Grades K-3

Grace Hopper: Queen of Computer Code

Concepts: Grace Hopper revolutionized computer coding, coined the term 'computer bug' and taught computers to 'speak English. An ace inventor and groundbreaker, Grace Hopper transformed the world of computer science. .

Grades 2-5

Hello Ruby: Adventures in Coding

Concepts: loops, sequence, algorithm, variable, conditional, function, debugging, abstraction, booleans, data structures, decomposition

Grades 1-5

Once Upon a Time Online

Concepts: Helpful and harmful technology use, digital responsibility, moderation of technology use

Grades 1-4

The Technology Tail

Concepts: Responsible technology use, digital footprint, social media, internet safety

Grades 1-5

Ada Byron Lovelace and the Thinking Machine

Concepts: Picture book biography details how Ada Lovelace Byron was able to write the first computer program more than 100 years before the first computer was built. 

Grades 2-5

The Girl Who Could Talk to Computers

Concepts:  This book tells the story of young Grace Hopper, the inquiring girl who wrote the first computer compiler program which gave birth to the first computer language, COBOL. Inspires young people to dream big.

Grades 1-5